Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Students of the Past - Great Fans of the Present!

Quite often we receive correspondence from parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and community members asking about THE GREAT BODY SHOP. More frequently, we hear from teachers, students, and school nurses. We love to read, share, and sometimes publish those letters and/or e-mails.

You can imagine how delighted we were to get this web question from a former student, who is now a doctor! Generations of children have grown up with THE GREAT BODY SHOP and Nanette is no exception. What is unique ... is hearing from her after all these years. We are working hard and digging through our archives to find the original Student Issue she is looking for. If you have old copies of THE GREAT BODY SHOP, we'd love to know. Perhaps together we can discover a letter written to Dr. Smartstuff back in 1994/95 from two students named Nanette and You-Jin.

Here is what Nanette wrote:

Hello! I was a pupil of the Great Body Shop curriculum through my elementary school nearly 2 decades ago. For the past couple of days I was recalling earlier that a friend, You-Jin Chae, and I wrote into Dr. Smartstuff at the end of 3rd grade, and our question was published/answered when we were in 4th grade (maybe it was 4th/5th, but I'm almost certain it was 3rd/4th). This would have been in Fall 1994 (or possibly 1995). I was wondering if there are any archived publications from that time era laying around... And if so, could I obtain either a physical print copy or an electronic copy of the pamphlet in which Dr. Smartstuff answered our question? I look forward to hearing from you! Regards, (Dr. Not-So-Smartstuff) Nanette Bentley, MD 

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