Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coordinated School Health Kit Is Now K-8!

We have great news for school districts who are using THE GREAT BODY SHOP Coordinated School Health Kit K-5 and for those who have been anxiously waiting for it to include Middle School. The Coordinated School Health Guides have been updated and expanded to include K-8. 
Colorful new covers and great new activities for elementary and middle school!

Using the same user-friendly process to plan, calendar, and evaluate school-based wellness activities, THE GREAT BODY SHOP now provides even more activities that can be implemented by School Health Advisory Committees (SHAC) at both the elementary and middle school level. The eight booklets target various members of the SHAC including administrators, teachers, PE teachers, counselors, school nurses, nutrition services personnel, family and community members, as well as support staff and students. Each booklet contains monthly, thematic school-based activities, identifies the various team members who will collaborate together, and provides simple assessment questions.

Coordinated School Health Activity Calender

Web tools to support, track, and evaluate THE GREAT BODY SHOP Coordinated School Health implementation are coming soon!

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